Interactive Installation 

A human influences everything that surrounds him. How does this influence look like? Is it inclined to creation, to destruction, to the restoration of what is dying? What is the nature of man? What will happen if a human will be given full freedom of action? I made 10 pyramids from various materials and put them with a number of different tools and materials on a table. In front of the table was the inscription "Make your move". You can observe the process of what happened to the pyramids from the very beginning to the very end. At first, no one touched pyramids for 6 hours. The entire process of changing pyramids by humans took 2 hours. You can build a lot of theories: for example, that to start creating something, for a human it is necessary to first destroy it, or that someone has to take the first step and only then the rest begins to repeat what the first person did. 

Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin, Germany, January 2018